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How Facial Oil Can be helpful to the skin that is already oily?

Facial oils are packed with omegas, fatty acids and antioxidants and they can be really helpful in balancing oily skin. You just need to ensure that you choose a suitable facial oil that is non-comedogenic (that doesn't clog pores) All the oils used in our formulations are non-comedogenic

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How Organic Skincare products are better than herbal Skincare products?

Organic skincare products are plant-based and natural, farmed without harmful chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, and GMOs.


Herbal can also be anything plant-based and natural however the farming technique could involve harsh pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs, and other chemicals. 

When a product is said to be Organic, you can be sure that the farming would have been gentle on the environment, wildlife and the product will be gentle on your skin too

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Do Organic Skincare products need special care?

Yes, we always recommend that Organic Skincare products should always be used with cleansed hands and spoon otherwise they might get contaminated as usually organic skincare products do not contain a preservative or they have mild plant-based preservatives.

Also, they need to be stored in a dark place, away from sunlight. Use them within the shelf life mentioned on the label. Always read and follow the label instructions when using a cosmetic, skincare product.

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 Is it possible to lighten the discolored, pigmented lips?

Our lips tend to get pigmented due to environmental factors, using of lipsticks, and smoking. The natural color of your lips can be retained by the right care and the right products.

Our lip care range (lip scrub and lip butter) when used regularly can help you in retaining its natural color and pigment as our products are rich in lip loving butters, carrier oils and essential oils along with Vitamin- E

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How does Anti-Acne Night Facial Oil help in reducing breakouts?

Our Anti-Acne Night Facial Oil is non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores) and is rich in a fatty acid called Linoleic acid that prevents breakout by strengthening the skin barrier and balances sebum production and helps with acne and breakouts

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How does Organic skincare slow down ageing process?

Nature has a solution to almost every skin problem and delaying the ageing process can be achieved by using high-quality organic skincare products that have the capability of reversing ageing.


Some of the key organic ingredients to slow down the ageing process are olive squalane, bakichoil, rosehip, frankincense, kumkumadi, prickly pear, sea buckthron, argan, camilia tea seed, rose , saffron, vitamin E are a few examples of carrier oils, essential oils, and extracts that are known for their cell regeneration, antioxidant, emollient and rejuvenating properties and hence delays the ageing process. Some of these products are extensively used in our product range within the dermal recommended quantity.  

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How can a skincare product be formulated without preservatives?

Preservatives are mainly required in water-based formulations. Not every product needs preservatives. For example, our facial oils are a blend of carrier oils and essential oils that would not need preservatives. Instead, it needs an antioxidant to delay the rancidity in oils, we use vitamin - E that is high in tocopherols and it is an amazing ingredient for skin too. The same goes for our other products with natural butters and oils like lip butter, lip scrub, body butter, massage cream. Our Face Scrub and Face Packs are in dry form so that the consumer can use it  fresh with a blend of mixing up filtered water or their favorite hydrosol/ floral water.

Organic products have a shorter shelf life and it is mentioned on all our products. We believe in fresh skincare and all our products are freshly made on order

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How can I Detox my skin?

For detox , we need to follow a holistic approach. Skin detox can be achieved by adopting a healthy lifestyle that should include regular exercise, healthy diet, fasting occasionally and topical skincare routine. For clarifying the outer layer of our skin, use organic face masks at least once a week

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How Night Facial Oil helps?

Your skin is in regeneration mode when you are sleeping. Night Facial oils are specially formulated for tissue repair and promote cell renewal. Skin repair ingredients work best at night when your skin is resting, breathing without interference from UV rays


Who can use Organic Skincare Products?

Anyone can use Organic Skincare products unless you do not have allergy to any of the natural ingredient

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