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Nature has solution to all your lip care concerns: Choose Organic Lip Butters and Lip Balms

Organic Lip Butters

Non-Organic Lip Balms

​Healing formula quickly repairs chapped and sore lips

Soothes sore lips for a shorter period of time

They are gentle on the skin as they do not have harsh chemicals

If you read the labels of commercial lip balm, you can find chemicals like petroleum jelly, artificial skin softeners, synthetic ingredients, and fragrances that are harmful to the lips

They are mainly formulated with organic butter like shea and cocoa, beeswax, cold pressed oils and vitamin-e

Non - organic lip balms sometimes contain ingredients that can harm the environment , either through how they are derived or how they are manufactured

Organic lip butters are also environment friendly as they are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. The ingredients are biodegradable.

Not Environment Friendly

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